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Bus Q Shelter Design - Dilli Meri Jaan - दिल्ली मेरी जान

NDMC Bus Stand Design Competition 2001
This (episode) is from 2001. A Drawing and a Photo are posted. Architectural Plan Drawing is part of drawings that I prepared for NDMC in 2001 (March April, I think) for the Bus Q Shelter Design Competition. I was hired by a Construction Company. There were only 4 entries. Oops? Mine was the best! Ye-ee-aa-hh! :-) And I was the only Architect amongst the 4 competitors! And then I was actually the only one to hire a Structural Consultant also! This fact is mentioned for some reason only. The Structural Drawings are not in this post, btw.

Find below the Architectural Plan Drawing. In the Plan, you see that the entry into the Shelter is from the Side Front (and not the road only). I made a provision for the pedestrian to walk in the Shelter ‘organised’ – provide definition. Don’t just scoff at it (some pseudos will) but understand it. The Broken Lines are the extent of the Bus Q Shelter. The total area of the Bus Stand enclosure was to be 25 SQM. The dimensions of the Shelter were worked out by me to be 8025 MM x 3115 MM. So when you enter the Shelter from the side, you are in already, then you take three steps or four, then you turn and you enter further in. Simple.
Architectural Plan Drawing of a Bus Q Shelter Design Competition Submission from 2001. This is for NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council). Architect is Sandeep Vij at . Sandeep Vij Architect's Designs were adjudged the Best Design, though no prize was awarded to him! He was not even mentioned anywhere! Bus Stand, Architectural Competition, Best Entry.
Architectural Plan Drawing of a Bus Q Shelter Design Competition Submission from 2001. This is for NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council). Sandeep Vij Architect's Designs were adjudged the Best Design, though no prize was awarded to him! He was not even mentioned anywhere!
There is a railing towards the sides as you enter (both left and right) and then there is also a railing towards the front. I called it the “Balcony Railing”. :-) Now in this Balcony Railing I had envisioned a commuter, passenger with his hands on the railing and waiting for the bus and looking towards the direction of the oncoming bus. So “THAT” was the ‘symbolic, appropriate, direct, correct, true, apt’ representation of a Bus Stand. :-) It has four vertical Stainless Steel pipes, and then it has a C shaped or U shaped SS pipe towards the top which you see in the Plan, It has 1000 MM height. The whole of it forms the railing. Refer Front Elevation when it comes. Towards the sides of this shelter but very much within the compound is a railing to sort of encase or enclose the shelter from the sides. Once again it is about definition (fortifying?, not really .. maybe yes ..). This was supposed to be the NDMC area, and I reminded myself of the Chain that you see along Rajpath and India Gate. Remember? So this Chain would automatically immediately bind the City! Yes? Call it 'Visual Connect'. Refer Side Elevations when they arrive in a subsequent Post. I called it the Chain Railing. You see Benches at the rear. And just behind the Benches towards the fag rear of the compound I provided 25 CM of Green! And then I also proposed that another 25 CM of Green be provided as donation (misnomer) by the NDMC so that the total Green width becomes 50 CM. I used the term. “Bhagidari”. The word Bhagidari became a buzzword soon after in Delhi (I am not suggesting that it was because of my using it here, but I don’t know). So the portion where you find GREEN mentioned is actually the portion just outside of this Compound. The Shelter ends just before that and you can make that out from the dimensions on the left. There are also square pipes towards the rear to prevent the person from straying into the Green (and also for definition).

This Shelter is not just after the kerb and does not start immediately from the road. That’s not shown here. I had envisaged that the person walking along the pavement will either enter the Bus Stand or else move from the rear of the Shelter if he is just passing by, even though there is space towards the front. The pedestrian not intending to enter the shelter walks in one direction, the passenger waiting in the shelter walks in the perpendicular direction to that. So to prevent collisions between the two, I nudged the pavement walker towards the rear, and I had reminded myself initially while beginning the design that this is NDMC area, they have broad pavements. There can be space at the back. So the front is clear. He is not supposed to walk from towards the front. And for that I had carefully prepared an ‘extra’ site plan actually (not here in this Post – but it will come soon). I had nudged the city walker (on the pavement), while still away from the Bus Q Shelter by several metres, to gently change direction and move towards the rear. He was supposed to ‘select’ from the diversion – ‘select your lane’ type. So people walk from the rear. And in case he goes towards the front lane accidentally and then realises that ‘oops, …’, there was a provision to ‘get him back’ without taking a u-turn! ;-) Refer the Site Plan when it arrives. Seamless, .. I am, .. Watson?!, .. huh? .. Subtle is more like it! I wanted to have a similar thing in place for the accidental rear lane entry wallah also but was shelved by me to prevent overkill.

Look also at the accompanying photo (shot on Dec. 23, 2015). This is not exactly the replica of my Design, but you can see the landscaping just towards the rear of the Shelter. This is somewhere in NDMC area of course. I am not blowing my own trumpet but I am only trying to make a point for the citizens of Delhi, through this my post, on my own personal web platform. Anyway in the Plan Drawing you also see a glimpse of the landscaping along the nudged path just towards the right as it ends at the side of the Shelter. I have mentioned that the Site Plan will also be posted later. And now look at the photo also by the way - Glimpses of my designs here and there. In my Plan Drawing you see that there are ad panels towards the rear, and there are also ad panels on the sides, one is towards the ‘front of the side’, other is towards the ‘rear of the side’. Refer the side elevations when they come accompanied by reasons, description etc.
Photo of a Bus Stand from the NDMC area in New Delhi. Photo clicked by Sandeep Vij at . This is not Sandeep Vij's Design exactly, but glimpses of his Design Submission from 2001 (!) can be seen. In 2001, an Architectural Design Competition was held by New Delhi Municipal Council for Bus Q Shelter Designs. Architect, Picture, Urban Shot, Year 2015, City Life.
Photo of a Bus Stand from the NDMC area in New Delhi. Photo clicked by Sandeep Vij. This is not Sandeep Vij's Design exactly, but glimpses of his Design Submission from 2001 (!) can be seen when an Architectural Design Competition was held by New Delhi Municipal Council for Bus Q Shelter Designs.
The roof structure is supported by two pipes towards the front and two at the back. These round columns are all 150 MM dia and 6 MM thick MS Pipes.

And a certain Mr. Mishra was Chairman of the NDMC at that time btw. The Company that hired me is called Progressive Constructions.

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Shiva Murti And Ramayana During Navratras

Navratras Time, Shiva Murti, Ramayana in background. Great.
Shiv Murti B Block Janakpuri, Delhi. October 7, 2016 - Navratras are on, in the background you can hear extracts from a TV Serial on The Ramayana. Time is around 9 PM. The coating is Bronze?, or is the entire statue in Bronze? The camera is jurassic, but my devotion is full full! :-)
कॅमरा पुराना है पर मेरी भक्ति तो परिपूर्ण है ! आपका क्या ख्याल है?, ओ मेरे प्यारे भक्तगण दोसतों! .. समय तो नवरात्रों का है, शिव की मूर्ति सामने है, और पीछे रामायण का उल्लेख या गायन हो रहा है| यह द्रश्य जनकपुरी दिल्‍ली का है|

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Beginning of my very long fight for justice, now.

Fight For Justice, Not Really The 'Beginning' Of A Long Fight Started Long Time Ago.
   Hello. Whosoever is reading this, Hi!
   I received an email a month ago informing me that "The hearing of the Second Appeal, filed under Section 19(3) of RTI Act 2005, in the above matter will be held in the Court of Hon’ble Information Commissioner Shri Yashovardhan Azad in the Court Room No.-329 at 10:30 A.M. on December 23, 2015. "
   Now for reference to this you will need to go through the communications that were made to the Medical Council Of India by myself and which were also uploaded on the Blogger web address which you may access by clicking here. You can memorise the address 'www dot KindAttentionMCI dot blogspot dot com'. It is not case sensitive.
   So it is Dec. 23 then. I will be looking for support from folks, not financial, just the presence of upright citizens and honest people who can make it to the CIC Office on the date. I have to go about it alone, you see, and the Brigadier is a monstrous rascal who has and who is a part of a very very aggressive and powerful group of mischief makers and criminals. The MCI (Medical Council Of India) is hand-in-glove with the mafia because they have not responded, and their responses, whatever little bit, and which shall appear on a Facebook Page which you can access from here, shall prove to the people beyond doubt that they are all trying to shield this Brigadier and his ilk. If you wish to copy paste the Facebook Web Address, then it is here - "". You may alternatively memorise the following: "" - it goes to the Facebook Page.
   I want the people of India, nay, the people of the world (whoever can make it), to congregate in the court room (I have not gone overboard when I suggest that) and see for themselves the beginning of proceedings as I fight for my Life, as I fight for my Personal or/and Physical Security, as I fight for Justice. It may go really long, but this was thrust upon me. I am very tired. I am very very tired. But I must fight. I must fight. And I can promise you that there will be mischief makers from this organised crime set up, and they will come up with some tricks, and 'one of the tricks' certainly will be that they will try to prevent me from reaching the Court Room, they will make arrangements to take me somewhere else! I can guarantee you that these attempts shall be made.
   Actually, I want all to see how the organised criminals get away, how they actually land the victim in more trouble, and I don't want them to get away, and yes, I seek protection too, so I seek audience of who all can make it. Media should make it. I hope the media supports me. The media should support me. This is probably going to get very long. I have mentioned that this is the beginning. It's not without reason. You follow this case, you'll know. I will certainly welcome the physical meeting of good human beings with myself at my place, just for a cup of chai, :-) , or we can meet somewhere in Delhi. I am a Delhiite. I look forward to warmth and hope and power behind my back.
   That's my no., without the hyphens: 0-9-7-1-6-0-8-2-6-5-0 .
   Man, did I not just make a request?! It seems I did. Whew... :-)

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Happy Diwali. Happy, Auspicious Deepaawalee To All!

Happy, Prosperous, Auspicious Diwali To All!
   Here's Wishing Happy Diwali To Everybody! Let there be Glory, Power, Energy, Radiance, Wealth, Holiness, Auspiciousness, Prosperity, Prestige, Fame, Health, Victory. . . . . For me, ... And For You, People Of The World.

   This image has been posted by me earlier. I post it again. You can download it for free and take a printout, use it, do whatever with it. If you care, you may provide attribution that it was obtained from the Blogspot of Sandeep Vij with blogger address at 'sandeepvij after the www. and before the'. If you don't provide attribution, I won't know! ! I'm really not going around checking, y'know!
   Anyway, I also provide the link to fetch the html of the same. You may visit my Facebook Wall Post to fetch it. I have mentioned earlier that this was prepared by myself in Word Document. So this html has been sourced from the Script Editor of Microsoft Word Document after assiduously preparing this Image, Symbol, by juggling around with boxes, yes BOXES, in WORD. You may insert the html in your html editor (whatever you have) and see the results. I don't know what will emerge. But it should be an interesting exercise.
   The html is not here because I still have to learn how to insert the html in a Blogspot Post without allowing or letting or permitting Blogger to interpret the html right there. Funny actually. You can 'compose' and then you can also insert html in 'html' section, fine. But when you insert the html in 'Compose', the html is not supposed to be 'interpreted' right there, for, for it to be interpreted, the user or publisher or the owner would simply insert the html in the 'html' section. Anyway, this is the link to be copied pasted in your browser's address bar to hit enter at and then reach the page from where you may fetch the html - . That's my Facebook Wall Post. And html doesn't get interpreted in Facebook Wall.

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Swastika - Auspicious Sign, Symbol Of The Aryan Race

Swastika - Auspicious Symbol, Good Sign.
Swastika, auspiciousness, goodness! This was prepared in Microsoft Word Document by myself as I was fiddling around with my Machine and Microsoft Word. A web page was created after this and then an image was made thereafter. What you see is the image. If anybody needs the html of this, just ask for it, and I shall provide that here itself, for free.
You can then check how it appears in your software! Exciting.

Swastika, the Symbol or Sign of Auspiciousness, prepared in Word Document, saved as a webpage, and then an image made of. Aryan Race.
Swastika - The Symbol Of Auspiciousness
I am all yours for your auspiciousness. You may use this image for free, but I would expect that you provide attribution - that it was generated, created by Sandeep Vij Loafer at
Loafing on Computer!
Thank You.

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Talent vis-a-vis Professional And Monetary Success in India

Talent And Success Chart.
Talent vis-a-vis Professional And Monetary Success in India.

Imagine a Chart where your talent is measured (goes up as increases) in the left vertical (y-axis), and your professional success and monetary success is measured (goes towards the right as increases) in the bottom horizontal (x-axis). Now start from 0,0. Imagine a person with some talent, so where would his Success be on this Chart? Imagine another person more talented, where would his success be on this Chart? Ordinarily, you will make a 45 degree line towards the top right as you join all these points, am I right?, am I understood? Now somewhere in the world, the angle may be 60 degrees to the horizontal, and that means that that country gives due regard to talent, is appreciative. In some places, it may be 30 degrees, that means that it gives regard but it is difficult but then it is ok. In fact it will have an industrious people. It's linear. And that is fine.
But somewhere in the world, it is going to be like this, and pay attention here >> it will climb up (45 degrees or not 45 degrees) and then it will reach a crescendo, and then it will move horizontal probably roughly, and then actually start to dip downwards! You get it? Now, this crescendo will be reached very early in India in the Chart, meaning that you would not have travelled much towards the right when the crescendo or the crest happened (whatever the magnitude of the crest itself is). And then it will start to dip, sharply or considerably. This is because talent is not celebrated in India. THEY WILL FRAME YOU, THEY WILL FRAME YOU BAD. SLANDER, MUDSLINGING, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, and what not. Mediocrity prevails everywhere, and I am not whining. There are dumb asses everywhere.

Talent And Success Chart
India's arc is in blue. The better country is in red arc, and the still better country's arc is yellow. This graphical display is my own creation. The opinion above is completely mine. I stand by it.
Chart was prepared in AutoCAD and then an image made of it (30 minutes).
Refer a Facebook Post at which led to this preparation or inspired this chart.
Life is not a piece of logic in this country. Mera Bharat Mahaan is only a thothaa chanaa baaje ghanaa rant. Bharat does not exist.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shooting From The Hip - India And The Naval Aircraft Carrier

      Crazy me!
      What does it take for a country to build a naval aircraft carrier? It takes a lot, I guess. I have known for many years that to build a naval aircraft carrier shakes a country’s budget quite noticeably. Alongwith that, probably it has to do with the sheer size, probably, of the whole project. That is why I understand India has only one aircraft carrier and that too has been obtained (I hope that is the right military word) from Russia. You know I am not connected with the India defence establishment in any way, But that does not stop me from dreaming. Stop me. Will you? I day dream once every few months since the past 20 years that India has about 100 naval aircraft carriers simply floating around on the world’s seas, you know, just like that, bus yoon hee! I mean, it’s an attitude, isn’t it? Well, to project itself in the world, one needs to project itself via the sea route also. It is very strategic, did you know that? Now, I wonder why a country like ours can’t produce a naval aircraft carrier on its own. I am floating a very bizarre idea right now.
      The idea is this: Let school children near or at our coasts congregate whenever they feel like at respective designated “joints” and start building the various pieces of the naval aircraft carrier after their school is finished on an everyday basis. They come as and when they feel like. The various pieces are joined and then we have a naval aircraft carrier! There. And then another one. Obviously you think I am crazy. I know. But if we stimulate ourselves then we can certainly expand on this dea. Lakeer kaa fakeer mat ban. Soch. It’s an attitude, isn’t it? Our 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th graders get together and start building something. And they get somethig to talk about. They enjoy. That is the attitude (AH-TITUDE) of the Indian school student. A real smart alec, just coming home a little later than usual for evening supper with bag slung over shoulder casually, the gait of a super model, and tremendously satisfied. He’s got something to talk about. Aaj maine yeh kiyaa. That is the Indian school kid at work. We have a long coast line. We got so many schools along that coastline. We got so many school students along that coast line. Well, how’s that one? Money pours in from donations. What exactly do they do? I don’t know that exactly. But I guess somebody can make an animation film to begin with, use imagination, little science fiction, and then we have a naval aircraft carrier ready at the end of the film and another one is ready to be made. it is going to be an enjoyable film. It certainy will be a hilarious one. Hilarious does not imply silly, maybe silly, not bizarre, maybe bizarre but not mocking. Yes, it is not mocking. After this animation film, certainly people will get ideas. Where it will lead to I don’t know. But it will certainly stimulate the latent hungry ‘science mein kuch karne kaa hai’ desire in those dreamy ones and give vent. Science ho, kuch ho, whatever.
      Now obviously, there will be a team of experts retired from various sections of our society and experts in various assorted (I mean associated) fields to provide guidance and logistics to the entire magnanimous gigantic project. Attendance, individual targets, minor time frame limitations (maybe none), local vendors (providing tools, minor expertise), standard refreshment arrangements, some sort of security, local bank accounts, connected with a centralised account, suitable hangars or enclosures are some of the issues.
      Yes, the district, state administrations have to provide land for the same. Suitable chunks of land shall be earmarked or “given”, at places as low as 100 sqm (10m x 10m example), at places only 1,000 sqm, at places 10,000 sqm (100m x 100m example), at places 1,00,000 sqm. and upto 10,00,000 sqm (1km x 1km example) at select few places.
      Before that we’ll need a design. Who’ll provide that design? Retired Naval Architects. But that in itself will take a lot of time. Hmm.. No, I think the retired folks will divide the work amongst themselves somehow and stay in touch amongst themselves.
      Now consider that the various pieces are being manufactured or assembled at various joints and then they are finally transported as and when they finish upto a level to a centralised location or simply another location. And then further on.
      Wow, what logistics!
      When the country is too busy in tackling so many diverse problemos, then c’mon yaar, tu aur main mil kar hee naval aircraft carrier banaanaa shoorrooo karte hain.
      I must be mad. I am.