Monday, 5 December 2011

AutoPilot, Perpetual Motion

      Auto pilot, as we all know, is a phenomenon or method which enables automatic desired progression sans established norms of guidance, intervention or attention. This is my definition. Please refer to it (if you must) with jurisprudence.
      And below is what Wikipedia says on on AutoPilot:
      "An autopilot is a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being. An autopilot can refer specifically to aircraft, self-steering gear for boats, or auto guidance of space craft and missiles. ..."

      By the way, my definition sounds quite elegant, doesn't it? I have taken into account the usage in the present day context. It's used by 'overnight riches' expectorant(!) business persons since they're always looking for a means to sit back and let the moolah rake in. There is nothing sinister about this of course. The internet spews its own brand of autopilot derivatives - websites for business or websites for visits, once again for business. This is utilized with jurisprudence in trading on bourses as well, I'm sure. Of course, auto pilot is a very well researched, developed technique in use by the armies, navies, air forces of countries. It is also, I'm sure, used for passenger transport vehicles. Let's not forget satellites and rocket science. I'll add on to this as my knowledge enhances on this. So this page is not really on the "defence" use of the word only but also for business purposes. After all, that is why this is going to retain some readership. Am right, mate?
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      I'd like to share with the visitors or the patrons on this blog post one aspect of 'science of motion' which fascinated me as a child. It was the experiments in 'perpetual motion' machine. Obviously, as you grow, you realize that there is nothing like that since friction shall never be zero unless there is perfect vaccuum. So it was with that intention actually that this page has come about. Auto Pilot got added. The page began to be called auto pilot. Let us see if there is any material on the perpetual motion machines. This goes back to the Industrial Revolution in Europe.
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