Friday, 18 December 2015

Beginning of my very long fight for justice, now.

Fight For Justice, Not Really The 'Beginning' Of A Long Fight Started Long Time Ago.
   Hello. Whosoever is reading this, Hi!
   I received an email a month ago informing me that "The hearing of the Second Appeal, filed under Section 19(3) of RTI Act 2005, in the above matter will be held in the Court of Hon’ble Information Commissioner Shri Yashovardhan Azad in the Court Room No.-329 at 10:30 A.M. on December 23, 2015. "
   Now for reference to this you will need to go through the communications that were made to the Medical Council Of India by myself and which were also uploaded on the Blogger web address which you may access by clicking here. You can memorise the address 'www dot KindAttentionMCI dot blogspot dot com'. It is not case sensitive.
   So it is Dec. 23 then. I will be looking for support from folks, not financial, just the presence of upright citizens and honest people who can make it to the CIC Office on the date. I have to go about it alone, you see, and the Brigadier is a monstrous rascal who has and who is a part of a very very aggressive and powerful group of mischief makers and criminals. The MCI (Medical Council Of India) is hand-in-glove with the mafia because they have not responded, and their responses, whatever little bit, and which shall appear on a Facebook Page which you can access from here, shall prove to the people beyond doubt that they are all trying to shield this Brigadier and his ilk. If you wish to copy paste the Facebook Web Address, then it is here - "". You may alternatively memorise the following: "" - it goes to the Facebook Page.
   I want the people of India, nay, the people of the world (whoever can make it), to congregate in the court room (I have not gone overboard when I suggest that) and see for themselves the beginning of proceedings as I fight for my Life, as I fight for my Personal or/and Physical Security, as I fight for Justice. It may go really long, but this was thrust upon me. I am very tired. I am very very tired. But I must fight. I must fight. And I can promise you that there will be mischief makers from this organised crime set up, and they will come up with some tricks, and 'one of the tricks' certainly will be that they will try to prevent me from reaching the Court Room, they will make arrangements to take me somewhere else! I can guarantee you that these attempts shall be made.
   Actually, I want all to see how the organised criminals get away, how they actually land the victim in more trouble, and I don't want them to get away, and yes, I seek protection too, so I seek audience of who all can make it. Media should make it. I hope the media supports me. The media should support me. This is probably going to get very long. I have mentioned that this is the beginning. It's not without reason. You follow this case, you'll know. I will certainly welcome the physical meeting of good human beings with myself at my place, just for a cup of chai, :-) , or we can meet somewhere in Delhi. I am a Delhiite. I look forward to warmth and hope and power behind my back.
   That's my no., without the hyphens: 0-9-7-1-6-0-8-2-6-5-0 .
   Man, did I not just make a request?! It seems I did. Whew... :-)