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Hello internet surfer!
        Staying in Delhi, India for all my life excepting for the period when I went to Lucknow for my Architectural Degree education, I feel I should mention my travails off and on as and when possible, irrespective whether the blog manages a readership or not. The main page or the landing page serves you videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy yourself and have a fun time. I would present similar tweets as well over a period of time.
        The landing page gives you some idea about me, what I go through all the time, or what I am made to feel about myself from the people close to me! :-). This is not about any saga, really. Maybe we all just wanna connect. This is how I connect. Leave comments please. And thanks to Blogspot. From the side panel you can select from news of a kind. Click your pick and the news presents itself. Good, isn't it?
        Of course the entire experience is supposed to be funny, light hearted, hilarious, full of jest. And no this is not about trying to be famous (have to mention) and this is not a matrimonial advertisement of a kind either (have to mention again). Detractors can watch their step.
        There are two things I am trying to develop. One is my Architectural Consultancy of course which is quite a task for a person like me since I always abide by laws, conventions and try to be logical and objective. The other is a cyber presence (call it internet business if you like).
# I founded Tripodot and developed it from scratch, all by myself. This is gonna go beyond my lifetime! Let's see where we reach. Visit
# Also visit http://www.etherdomains.com which gives an insight to the other aspect of the internet "diversion".
# By the way, also visit Environs for a brief introduction about the Architectural Consultancy. That's what I was doing before the diversion and of course, still trying to develop. Is that not what I am supposed to do! Visit Environs.
Sandeep Vij,
West Delhi District,
NCT Delhi,
+91 11 65809933
+91 9716082650
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