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AutoPilot, Perpetual Motion

      Auto pilot, as we all know, is a phenomenon or method which enables automatic desired progression sans established norms of guidance, intervention or attention. This is my definition. Please refer to it (if you must) with jurisprudence.
      And below is what Wikipedia says on on AutoPilot:
      "An autopilot is a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being. An autopilot can refer specifically to aircraft, self-steering gear for boats, or auto guidance of space craft and missiles. ..."

      By the way, my definition sounds quite elegant, doesn't it? I have taken into account the usage in the present day context. It's used by 'overnight riches' expectorant(!) business persons since they're always looking for a means to sit back and let the moolah rake in. There is nothing sinister about this of course. The internet spews its own brand of autopilot derivatives - websites for business or websites for visits, once again for business. This is utilized with jurisprudence in trading on bourses as well, I'm sure. Of course, auto pilot is a very well researched, developed technique in use by the armies, navies, air forces of countries. It is also, I'm sure, used for passenger transport vehicles. Let's not forget satellites and rocket science. I'll add on to this as my knowledge enhances on this. So this page is not really on the "defence" use of the word only but also for business purposes. After all, that is why this is going to retain some readership. Am right, mate?
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      I'd like to share with the visitors or the patrons on this blog post one aspect of 'science of motion' which fascinated me as a child. It was the experiments in 'perpetual motion' machine. Obviously, as you grow, you realize that there is nothing like that since friction shall never be zero unless there is perfect vaccuum. So it was with that intention actually that this page has come about. Auto Pilot got added. The page began to be called auto pilot. Let us see if there is any material on the perpetual motion machines. This goes back to the Industrial Revolution in Europe.
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Response to news articles items MCD Trifurcation

Reference to the news items on the following
I posted the following on all:
Trifurcation or quarterfurcation or bifurcation is a bad idea since it is rightly pointed out in the article above that this will lead to confusion. This will also lead to lethargy and exhaustion as more paperwork will suddenly get involved (in referring or transferring a case from one jurisdiction to another).
Rather, a very good move will be for Delhi Government, MCD as well as the Delhi Police to come up with maps which clearly demarcate the boundaries of Delhi District wise, MCD wise and Police wise. The Revenue Department and other Departments should also come up with their maps with jurisdictions mapped. Did you know that Delhi has 9 districts? Refer And did you know that Delhi has more than 9 Police Districts? And did you know that the Revenue Districts follow their own system or pattern? So rather than letting all hell breaking loose, they should try to consolidate (and not further break). The first step in that is to publish maps of various agencies with their jurisdictions and make them public and always easily accessible to the public. That is the way to go.
I am not sure whether all the newspapers where I posted shall display my views. So it is here.
By the way, what is the word for 'dividing in four'? :-)

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Once again, reference to the news items on the following:

I tried posting the following on all (edited slightly when submitting):
The new Directorate Of Local Bodies will be the coordinator. Why can the new Directorate Of Local Bodies not be set up internally itself with a different name? Has it been set up already? Will it be set up later! The joke will be upon the citizen if trifurcation takes place without the setting up of this ‘glorious entity’ first. The Delhi BJP chief Mr. Gupta has rightly pointed out that this division is unconstitutional and is an uncalled interference. If any feasibility study was done before this, then it should be made public. If no feasibility study was done, then this is certainly arbitrary action and very reflective of the sole agenda of the Congress regime to retain power wherever possible, by whatever means possible. Division itself may be needed (or maybe not), but where is the justification by way of a feasibility study? What all parameters were considered? The BJP if possible, should take a stay on this and ask the learned judiciary to ask the government to follow a procedure which is transparent. If need be (actually certainly), the judiciary will need to tell the government to do this first, then that etc. (dekho aise karo, phir aise karo, yaa phir vaise) and set up an ombudsman or a body of intellectuals to oversee the feasibility being undertaken (presuming it is undertaken). Division itself may be good, but there has to be some sensible process. The hasty decisions of the Congress have always cost the country dear. Actually, the citizens do not understand what they can do about it. They should realise that any civilised democratic process will require a feasibility study first whose results should be brought in front of the public, especially in such a case. I am a nobody, very small fry, not even that. But I can tell all with supreme confidence that the first step in the direction of understanding whether division should be undertake or not is to prepare maps of all the nine Districts of the city and under what Divisions they come. Divisions are three. (Is this why trifurcation? Dunno.) Plus, Police Districts are more than nine. So, first let the people understand about the local governance of Delhi. Postal Pin Codes maps should also be made public. This small step and a very interesting exercise will suddenly awaken the people to comprehend the governance pattern of Delhi. Postal Pin Code maps may not be involved with governance but it will help. This little clarity will spur many other things, I can tell you. If done rightly, this can even throw back the division by many years, if it is required. The groundwork which needs to be undertaken would then be undertaken first. The more learned amongst us can inform the public here or on another platform about the population that falls under a municipality or municipal corporation. They can also inform about the local governance structure in India as enshrined in the Constitution. What is Nagar Panchayat, a Nagar Palika, a Nagar Nigam and so on. In Delhi we have the MCD, the NDMC, the Delhi Cantonment Board.
The mayor Rajni Abbi is right that trifurcation actually goes against the desired strengthening of the civic body.
Very smartly, the State government has decided upon a certain reservation for women to create approval amongst the masses by implying that dekho we are action oriented. If representation really is the intention, this can be implemented in the existing set up also gradually. But then this also should pass muster.
You see, Delhi is in an unkempt state. Will this unkemptness start to diminish or worsen? Will Delhiites allow this chance to be taken? Will the judiciary wake up and realize on its own that this is a Constitutional matter and not a day to day affair of governance? States Reorganisation is a big matter. This is much smaller and of a different variety, but not insignificant enough to be left alone. Bole to, will the judiciary act as Big Boss and enforce some sensibility? Let's see what the episodes unfold. :-)
I’ve found a very interesting web url: - this will enlighten the public. Gosh, I myself was very average in Civics subject in school!

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quality Product Higher Technical Education

      Mr. Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy’s comment that the standard of IIT students is going down is the manifestation of a malaise, the increased magnitude of which is now conspicuous. It’s the result of faulty decisions or oversight or absence of checks and balances which has lead the wannabes ‘without aptitude’ to enter the hallowed portals only on the strength of a transient minded coaching regimen or industry (a thriving one) which injects these wannabes with immediate vitamins, proteins, carbs, minerals, supplements (call them steroids) and make them chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are not the normal, ideal, desirable well rounded individuals who can tackle engineering challenges by sheer intellect and a ‘happily organized brain’ (what a term I just coined!) and aptitude or even common sense. They will probably be at their wit’s end when confronted with an out of the box challenge or maybe even one which is only slightly on the tougher side. These “made to order” chemical compounds will not have the necessary circuitry or networking inside their heads to devise a solution happily and smartly (READ “SMARTLY”) and then go home with satisfaction that yes, aaj main kaam aayaa (today I was useful) which means that yes, that is what I was trained for in the IIT’s, that’s what I am supposed to do. It’s my challenge only. Who else will if I don’t. This challenge is my piece (piece meaning ‘specific work only for me or us’, piece doesn’t mean revolver or pistol here). This malaise mentioned above is a result of the tendency to rush through recklessly and defile norms out of shamelessness, greed, the only focus being ‘get there somehow’ due to a blinkered approach . The policies, whether of the government or the Institute itself, don’t bother about the quality. So that is what has happened. They get there, but they don’t belong.
      Surely my own profession is suffering irrepairably. Not many realize it. There are Architects who did not have a Science background after their Higher Secondary and came to an Architecture college because of one test called NATA which you can clear out of sheer coaching. This started about ten years ago. As a matter of fact, Architecture in India will never unfortunately reach the real excellence because of a skewed Indian mindset in the current time. You can keep quoting excellence here and there, but the real discernible ones will only frown in silence. Our entire industry has played into the hands of the builder lobby. The operating buzzword is quick buck. The problem is also compounded since we have to confront scrupulous characters along the way. This hazard was unique to us. The Profession was never organized. But now there is an added burden also of the non deserving ones or the ‘chemical compounds of Architecture in India’ rubbing shoulders.
      Slowly and surely, every facet of India’s structure is being defiled by these ‘narrow ends’ seeking thought process (and they call it focussed).
      I am not from an IIT and don’t know about their functioning but there are a few general things I know very well. And I have been polite, mind it.
      Savour Videos below. I do not refute or endorse them but obviously effort has been made to keep them in conformity with the intent of the above ‘piece’. Scroll down for twitter tweets of a kind as well.

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