Drugs in neighbourhood

Hello MCD!
Below is the text of the attachment sent to you via your website on 19th Dec. 2013. This is for your ready reference.

Hello MCD!
This is to bring to your notice that a commercial establishment runs from Flat 80C and the terrace on 80C of Block C2B of Janak Puri, Delhi – 58. It is not supposed to be there. You have to shut this establishment / activity. Following are the reasons.
#1. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading of medicines (or some packets) takes place. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading is not allowed. These are DDA residential flats. Is this a manufacturing zone? Is this a transit zone of any kind? Is it a godown? It is illegal. How did you allow that?
#2. There is the presence of unwanted elements in the staircase of 80-81 because of this establishment’s activity. They are employees of this entity or workers of this entity. This is a residential area. Why are these outside elements from an unknown strata of society doing here? Why did you allow them? They are constantly making noise and disturbing peace. We are always inconvenienced and can’t rest in peace. We are always apprehensive as to which outsider there will be in the staircase. These outsiders are not residents around this staircase and not residents of this Block and there are about 15 of them. Some of these are present daily. The rest are present every other day. These outsiders are always making trips from 80C to the terrace of 80C and then from the terrace of 80C to 80C. The ‘business / manufacturing unit / godown’ runs at two levels – terrace of 80C and 80C. There is thus unnecessary traffic in the staircase created by outside elements from unknown strata of society who are also stubborn. Their anonymity, their demeanour, their stubbornness is not what should we be facing.
#3. There is also the presence of regular visitors to this business. The traffic is high. This is a residential area. How could you allow a shop of such nature on the 2nd and 3rd floor of DDA MIG residential flats where the entry of the commercial business visitors is from the common staircase? The mere presence itself of visitors to this commercial business is a nuisance in the first place. This is a residential staircase. This is not a commercial staircase or a business staircase.
#4. Flat 80C also doubles as a guest house. Is that allowed? There is the presence of new faces every now and then. Do you get police verification for every person making his presence felt here? Do you allow for anonymous people to come and go at will? This is not a guest house. This is for residents.

Having said that, consider that the staircase is common. We are residents and “we have an objection”. Your putting aside our objection is illegal. “We are residents.” Shut this business. It is a nuisance activity.

Along with this,
i).  You may like to find if anything else is packed, unpacked. What kind of drugs are being ‘handled’ here? Drugs come here in a ‘form’, this is what we understand. Their packing is removed. Another packing is pasted or fixed. Do you know this? This used to happen in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and after as well. There used to be thousands of small small labels of some medicines on our terrace (81C) every few days which used to fly on to our terrace from the top of the mumty! The top of the mumty was a dumping ground for the labels from this intermediate handling facility at 80C terrace. Those labels were of medicines or drugs which were procured from somewhere, that is the only logical conclusion. This went on for years. A clandestine business model was the reason of small small labels on the mumty. Otherwise, why were the labels on the mumty? What is going on? I am sure the same business model (!) is still on. What will you do now? Ignore it?
ii). What does a tempo do inside our Block for loading, unloading? The tempo mentioned here is for the loading, unloading of the packets which contain mysterious stuff which comes and goes from and to the said business / activity.

Sandeep Vij,


Hopefully you will get cracking and restore sanity in my neighbourhood.
For the general public:
We live in times where the following applies:
“Main apne ghar mein raja ki tarah jiyoongaa, aur apni gaarree parrausee ke plot mein kharree karoongaa (I shall live like a King in my house, and I shall park my vehicle in the neighbour's plot)”. And if you don't allow me that, then I shall look down upon you as not having "community" feeling!!
Sad state of affairs. If required I'll elaborate upon the above also. There is a reason it's been mentioned. Let's see what unfolds. I ask the public, "Why is this activity not taking place from a local shopping centre or a community centre or a business centre or an industrial zone? What is the security that this residential area provides? What is being hidden?" And do you know? - this is a nuisance not only for us but other neighbours also but they do not speak because nobody wants to take pangaa. It's alright, I have no grudge against anybody.

Update June 10, 2015: Refer http:// www.facebook.com/sandyvij/posts/10205353809418303 and then the link mentioned therein and then the next and so on for updates.
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