UID Aadhaar

Aadhaar camp came to my Block C2B of Janak Puri, Delhi - 110058. This is under the UIDAI Scheme. My goodness, I don't look like what they depict me as in the Acknowledgement Slip. I look better. Ahem. The photo looks morphed. It's photomontage.
I've written to "help at uidai dot gov dot in"
The following is the text:

Re: Acknowledgement Copy Enrolment No.: 1211/66075/00678 Date: 29/09/2011 16:50:06

Dear Sir / Madam,


It is requested that you cancel the data about me from all electronic devices as captured by your personnel on 29th Sept. 2011 in Block C2B, Janak Puri, Delhi - 110058 as part of a process to issue the Aadhaar Card under the UIDAI programme to issue identity cards.

Following is the Enrolment No.: 1211/66075/00678

Following is the date: 29/09/2011 16:50:06

The reason is that the photo is not mine. Attached please find a copy of the acknowledgement received. That’s not me there. The name, address, date of birth is correct though.

I expressed my concern with your authorized personnel on 30th Sept. 2011 at the same place and asked them to take another photo but they said that the earlier noting in its entirety would need to be cancelled since the process of photo taking, iris record, finger prints, personal data are recorded in one go. They also said that if this is completely cancelled then another one cannot be made. They told me that ‘only the photo’ cannot be changed, everything will need to be cancelled. If that is the case, well, I don’t need another one. I don’t need the first one. I do not know who their handlers are but I suggest that you dig into this matter and figure out what is going on.

I wear spectacles and I was asked to remove them. I do not know the need for that and am not aware if this is standard procedure or whether whims of your personnel at the moment he / she is taking photo through webcam (!) is acceptable protocol. The concern is that the photo is just not mine (even without spectacles). It looks like morphed photo or photomontage. What I look like can be grasped from a webpage: http://www.info.tripodot.com (Tripodot is my brainchild).

All of the above, except the website url was communicated to Poovanna on 30th Sept. 2011 via Toll Free number provided in the Acknowledgement Slip. I was asked to email you. (No grudge against Poovanna)

I am not interested in your Aadhaar programme in the present time. Please delete all data pertaining to me with you. I don’t need the Aadhaar card in the present time.


Sandeep Vij,


And the following is the picture from the acknowledgement slip attached:

I should have written this also but didn't (we'll see).

Interestingly, Mr. Monga from the Block Residents Welfare Association was not even willing that I interact at all with the uidai personnel and Mr. Parashar from the same Association was persuading me that it is my photo.

Enjoy the following vids:
UID Aadhaar

I'd also rather be relaxed always folks, but circumstances don't allow. Enjoy the following also:
I Look Better

Dec. 19, 2013: Who owns Virgo Softech? Congressee? What do they have against me? Why don't they face me head on?
For the public: Fact of the matter is, and I shall tell now, that it was evident to me that there were some parleys going on as I was providing details via iris scan and finger prints. The body language of the people told me that. Ok, let the Aadhaar people answer this: "Why was I asked to remove my spects?" Is this not a matter of investigation?
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