Sudden Storm Water Work By MCD Damaged Water Supply Line – Intentional?

      Hello Engineering Department Municipal Corporation Of Delhi, India,
      The following is for the perusal of sensible authorities in MCD (if there are any). Extracts from the same have been submitted to MCD Engineering Department. Hopefully, the issue will be sorted out by the Municipal Corporation Of Delhi by undoing the damage. The damage has been caused by your personnel.

      Storm Water drainage work had been carried out over a period of around 3 weeks in front of flats 81, 80, 79, 78, 77 etc. in the Block C2B of Janakpuri – pincode 110058. This was very sudden and it is not known who authorized this. Anyway, pipes have been laid for the purpose and digging work had been resorted to. Incidentally, your drainage pipe now runs over the water supply pipe of our flat. There is also a ‘catch pit’ or ‘manhole’ or ‘drainage pit’ (whatever you call it) right above the pipes. Your storm water drainage work line pipe is almost perpendicular to the existing water supply pipe.
      From around that time only, the fresh water in our house appears slightly muddy and soapy. It was not like that earlier. In a glass of water just taken from the fresh water in the morning and evening when water is pumped to flats, we find that there are lots of very tiny bubbles floating all over inside the glass and they settle on to the sides of the glass container. They are far too many to be dismissed as no threat or insignificant. This was not the case earlier. Some sort of froth or soapy bubbles are also seen which come up to the surface. For us this is unusual. There are also thin twisted thread like particles or pieces.
      It may be that during digging for the storm water work, the water supply pipe of our flat got damaged. So, our fresh water contains bacteria from soil, from maybe waste leaking from your drainage work. While the work was on, I had mentioned my concern to the people digging. The foreman on site (foreman only, I think – I didn’t ask his name – tall fellow) expressed his displeasure and said that he had gyaarah saal kaa experience (eleven years experience). I figured that these people must be knowing what they are doing. So I didn’t intervene after that out of trust and faith. However, as I have mentioned, the water supply from around that time only seems to be affected and this fact has only got reinforced with each passing day. If your people have damaged the pipe, kindly get it repaired. Obviously, digging again will need to be resorted to. My intention is not to bother you. But then you can send over your Inspectors with the water testing kit or relevant equipment and convince yourselves at site when the fresh water is on if you need to. I can assure you that it is different water from before. I have also collected samples of fresh water collected from previous days. The tiny bubbles are still there on the sides of the glass containers.

      I hope you will understand and appreciate the seriousness.
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