Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Faulty Data In Article Of Leading Publication

An email was sent by me to The Times Of India. It will probably get ignored. The Record is here.

Faulty Data In Article
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 3:29 PM
"Sandeep Vij"
The writer of the Article A Tale Of Two Cities in The Times Of India April 18, 2012 page 20 should kindly take note that before 2012 London Olympic Games also, India had won medals at multiple sporting disciplines. The most recent before these games was in Beijing in 2008 when Abhinav Bindra shot a Gold in Shooting, Sushil Kumar wrestled and Vijender boxed their way to a Bronze each in Wrestling and Boxing respectively. Is that not multiple disciplines? Also, in 1952, K.D. Jadhav won a Bronze in Wrestling and our Hockey team scored or stuck or hit Gold.
So multiple disciplines in a single Olympics have given medals to India earlier. Of course, the publication should also take note of this.

Sandeep Vij.

The writer presented wrong facts and it was glaring. It went something like this:-
..India may for the first time in Olympic History win medals in multiple sporting disciplines...
Therefore,I wrote.

Now, I wonder with what face this publication has started calling the page 'The Times Of Ideas'. They are trying to fashion themselves as the crucible of ideas but are they really upto it? Do they really promote the deserving ones or are they also victims of the 'coterie game'?

Really the comment was blundering. Pseudo publication.