Sunday, 18 October 2015

Swastika - Auspicious Sign, Symbol Of The Aryan Race

Swastika - Auspicious Symbol, Good Sign.
Swastika, auspiciousness, goodness! This was prepared in Microsoft Word Document by myself as I was fiddling around with my Machine and Microsoft Word. A web page was created after this and then an image was made thereafter. What you see is the image. If anybody needs the html of this, just ask for it, and I shall provide that here itself, for free.
You can then check how it appears in your software! Exciting.

Swastika, the Symbol or Sign of Auspiciousness, prepared in Word Document, saved as a webpage, and then an image made of. Aryan Race.
Swastika - The Symbol Of Auspiciousness
I am all yours for your auspiciousness. You may use this image for free, but I would expect that you provide attribution - that it was generated, created by Sandeep Vij Loafer at
Loafing on Computer!
Thank You.
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