Thursday, 15 October 2015

Talent vis-a-vis Professional And Monetary Success in India

Talent And Success Chart.
Talent vis-a-vis Professional And Monetary Success in India.

Imagine a Chart where your talent is measured (goes up as increases) in the left vertical (y-axis), and your professional success and monetary success is measured (goes towards the right as increases) in the bottom horizontal (x-axis). Now start from 0,0. Imagine a person with some talent, so where would his Success be on this Chart? Imagine another person more talented, where would his success be on this Chart? Ordinarily, you will make a 45 degree line towards the top right as you join all these points, am I right?, am I understood? Now somewhere in the world, the angle may be 60 degrees to the horizontal, and that means that that country gives due regard to talent, is appreciative. In some places, it may be 30 degrees, that means that it gives regard but it is difficult but then it is ok. In fact it will have an industrious people. It's linear. And that is fine.
But somewhere in the world, it is going to be like this, and pay attention here >> it will climb up (45 degrees or not 45 degrees) and then it will reach a crescendo, and then it will move horizontal probably roughly, and then actually start to dip downwards! You get it? Now, this crescendo will be reached very early in India in the Chart, meaning that you would not have travelled much towards the right when the crescendo or the crest happened (whatever the magnitude of the crest itself is). And then it will start to dip, sharply or considerably. This is because talent is not celebrated in India. THEY WILL FRAME YOU, THEY WILL FRAME YOU BAD. SLANDER, MUDSLINGING, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, and what not. Mediocrity prevails everywhere, and I am not whining. There are dumb asses everywhere.

Talent And Success Chart
India's arc is in blue. The better country is in red arc, and the still better country's arc is yellow. This graphical display is my own creation. The opinion above is completely mine. I stand by it.
Chart was prepared in AutoCAD and then an image made of it (30 minutes).
Refer a Facebook Post at which led to this preparation or inspired this chart.
Life is not a piece of logic in this country. Mera Bharat Mahaan is only a thothaa chanaa baaje ghanaa rant. Bharat does not exist.
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